Rod J., Denver

I wanted to thank you again for coming out to clean our carpets, and for helping us with the water soaked area in the bathroom.

Doug O., in Dillon, CO

Who else would anyone think to call...Really?  Friendly, personable communication, Great Pricing, Ease of Scheduling, Professional results, and a Partnership for total household cleaning/mitigation solutions.  Our votes are cast!  Hands down, Summit's Finest Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is the Best in Summit!

Annie P., Frisco, CO

The tile cleaning in the kitchen looks amazing! I had no idea it was that dirty, that was worth every penny! Troy also did a great job on the carpets, the hallway looks great.

Rhoda L.

The carpets looked great, thanks Troy!

Jan B.

I wanted to let you know that Troy did a great job with our condo. The carpet in the bathroom looks better than it did before. He did a great job of keeping me informed and working with the insurance company. He got Tony with Summit County Property to do the drywall and toilet work and it looks good too.

Justin P., Dillon Colorado

Thanks Troy, great work, carpet is clean, stairs too, stains in kids rooms are gone, and house looks great! Price is right too, thanks again. Ill be calling you again!

Leslie A., Silverthorne, CO

Thanks to Troy, my carpet is amazing clean and stains are gone. And the results lasted! My family came for Christmas and we are still in good shape! I also appreciate and like to support local owned biz. Great clean, great value and great service. Thanks again to Summit's Finest Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.